The Murvagh Perpetual Trophy

for Working Corgis


1. This competition is open to Cardigan and Pembroke corgis from Land’s End to John O’Groats, from N. Ireland to the Channel Islands.

2. It is a purely private venture, so all communications to be addressed to:

Miss M. Wigan


Leckhampstead Thicket

Nr Newbury, Berkshire

RG20 8QW

Please enclose an S.A.E for reply.

3. The competition runs from 1 January to 31 December (starting 1 January 1999) and points must be sent in during the following January, no later.

4. Please arrange entries in columns: date, show, category classes, achievement, points claimed, and in your 1st year give full details of your dog (birth, parentage, etc).

Date Show Category Classes Achievment Points claimed 5th Aug Thicket Ex Ob 3 Triers 5th 2 pts 5th Sept Upton Agility 2a Jump, Agi AgC 3 pts

5. In the event of a tie of points for the trophy, preference will be givnen to the dog with more points in a greater variety of categories.

The Categories

1. The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

Bronze 2 pts Silver 4 pts Gold 6 pts

If you have passed any of these before your 1st entry for this trophy, you may add the points in your 1st year. Thereafter you may continue to add the points each year for the highest test you have passed, as a holder. (eg Silver holder - 4pts)

2(a) Open Agility Shows

For each normal jumping or agility class entered 1 point
For each clear round within the time 1 point

Special Classes

For each class entered   1 point
Gamblers for getting the gamble in time 1 point
Knockout for 1st round if no faults 1 point
Knockout for reaching last 4 dogs 1 point
Pairs or Teams If the pair or team is in time,
and your own round is faultless
1 point
T.F.O for achieving at least one obstacle on 2nd circuit 1 point
Helter Skelter no faults 1 point
Snooker for full points in time 1 point

Note: 2 points are available for all classes, 3 points are available for Knockout

NB: qualifying for any semi-finals or finals brings its own reward, and no points can be gained at these as they are not open competition.

2(b). Agility matches or competitions within or between clubs

No points for entering, but

Your own clear round 1 point

3. Obedience

For each class competed in (ALL excercises) 1 point
For a place in the top 6 at Open or Exemption shows 1 point
For a place in top 4 at within or between club matches, etc 1 point

4. Demonstrations

For taking part in a demonstration day in Obedience or Agility 2 points
An official visit to a school or club 2 points

5. Working Trials

For entering the trial 1 point
For each section in which the qualifying mark is achieved 1 point


KCJO obedience

For each complete round 1 point
If it qualifies you 1 point


At an Agility Show where Junior classes are scheduled, you may count your points in EITHER the Junior classes OR the main classes, but NOT BOTH.